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2004-12-06 - 4:53 p.m.

So, I wore my ski trip shirt to class today and um, yeah, I was reminded of my quite painful experience of learning to ski. It was last Christmas. It was my first time ever to ski and we took the lessons. Lots of kids from the group took lessons and most of us stunk at it. After lessons...the bunny slopes. The hardest thing was learning how to get on the dumb ski lift that you put between your legs. There was lots of falling (everytime I felt out of control, I would sit down) but at the end of the day, Charlie, my huge youth director and I were about the only ones left struggling on the bunny slopes. Next day, same thing. My dad came and tried to give us lessons and one time Charlie fell and while I was laughing and fumbling for my camera, I fell. After lunch, I decided to go with Shane and Andy on a green. BAD IDEA. I fell getting off the lift and then proceded to fall about eh, we'll give it every fifteen seconds, maybe. My lowest point was that as I looked up from the ground, a four year old whizzed right past me and almost skiied over my hand. When I got to almost the bottom, i just took them off and walked down. It was very traumatic. Well, the glorious last day, Kim, Lauren and I decided to take the bus back to the hotel early. Now, I'm not good with truly awkward equipment, such as bikes (no matter how hard I try, I also hook my handle bars through some loop on my back pack or something and almost fall over with the silly thing), and it's true, skis and boots and poles are not the least awkward things to carry in the world. Well, I was walking through the parking lot, between cars and I caught a patch of ice. I slipped and everything that I was carrying fell. My neck coincidentally landed on the handle of my ski pole. As I lay on the ground, for the last time of the nightmare trip, I couldn't help but think that i had narrowly avoided certain death. However, I did end up with a raspberry that looked strangely like a hickey and I had to explain to my youth group and my parents that it was not in fact a hickey because all the "ski hotties" that I got to see were still picking their noses and talking about the latest Pokeman card.

I've started a new thing. I'm finding one verse and I'm gonna do whatever it says that day. Well, today's verse is Galations 2:6. The part that I chose from it was God doesn't judge by external appearance. It's true. He only looks at our heart. You know it, now live like it. Look at people for WHO they are not WHAT they're wearing or their haircut. I mean, it really doesn't make sense that we would make a decision about someone based on something that they could change in two minutes. Get a haircut, change clothes, put make up on. We need to see people as they really are, things they can't change so quickly. Who knows, that "hickey" they have might be from a ski pole.

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